Thursday 08 Oct 2015

Hyundai Power Equipment - next generation of generators

Get ready for Winter, looking for a dependable power source for those windy days - come in a look at our range of Hyundai Power Generators

Hyundai DHY6000SELR

AC Frequency (Hz): 50
Con. Output (W): 4500 AC
Max. Output (W): 5200 AC
AC Voltage (V): 110/230
Alternator type: AVR
AC Power factor: 1.0
DC Output (W): 90
DC Voltage (V): 12
Engine Type: Hyundai D420, 4-stroke, Forced Air-cooled, OHV, Diesel Engine Displacement (cc): 418
Engine speed (rpm): 3000
Power Output (hp): 10hp
Starting system: Electric start with it's own sealed battery and 12v charging system
Battery: 12v 36a/h
Lubrication oil: SAE 10W/30 or 15W40 diesel engine oil
Noise level LwA dB(A): 95
Noise level @ 7m: 70db
Dimensions (LxWxH): 955x565x960mm

Fuel tank capacity 30L Cont. Running time (h): 30+ (@2kw load)
Panel type: 1 x AC 230v, + 1 x AC 115v + 1 x DC Socket (12v), 30ma breaker switch, Digital control panel: Volts, Hertz and Hour meter.

Hyundai DHY8000SELR 6kW Silenced Long Run Diesel Generator


It comes with the same great features like the 30-litre fuel tank for longer running, the same reliable Hyundai 4-stroke OHV air cooled direct injection diesel engine and AVR to allow the running sensitive electronics and personal items without the risk of damage. Featuring ATS capabilities to automatically start and shut down during a power cut

- Max Output: 6.0kW
- Continuous Output: 5.5kW
- AC Frequency (Hz): 50
- AC Voltage (v): 110/230
- Alternator Type: AVR
- AC Power Factor: 1.0
- DC Output (w): 8.3
- DC Voltage (v): 12
- Engine Type: Hyundai Air-cooled, OHV, Diesel Engine
- Displacement: 453cc
- Engine Speed (rpm): 3000
- Power Output (hp): 12
- Starting System: Electric start with its ownsealed battery and 12v charging system(remote start and ATS available)
- Lubrication Oil: SAE 10W/30 or 15W40diesel engine oil, 1.75 litres
- Battery: 12v 36a/h
- Noise Level (db @ 7m): 65-70
- Long Run 30Lt Tank
- 1x 16A 110V Socket
- 1x 32A 110V Socket
- 1x 32A 230V Socket