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Honda Foreman TRX500 FM1

  • High output lights - Focussed light distribution at both high and low beam, with independent handlebar assist light, for increased visibility in dark or poor conditions.
  • Push-button Diff. Lock - Allows you to simply lock the front differential, driving full power to all wheels – a real benefit in loose rocky terrain or deep muddy, boggy conditions.
  • Easy turning - AP Suretrac™ torque sensing limited-slip differential for effortless steering and a tighter turning circle in 4wd mode.
  • Powerful and efficient - Easy starting liquid-cooled, fuel-injected 475cc OHV 4-stroke engine is fuel efficient, yet delivers responsive power – ideal for pulling away with heavy loads.
  • All-day comfort - A thick, soft seat cushion with refined shaping is comfortable for a wide range of riders.
  • Uprated racks - Tough and practical  racks with 40kg front and 80kg rear carrying capacity allow easy on-board transportation or fitting a range of versatile attachments.
  • Stainless steel exhaust - Rust resistant for years of super-quiet operation.
  • Rugged and functional design - Computer Aided Design optimised double-cradle chassis is stiff and light for stable and agile handling. Durable bodywork also offers protection from dirt and debris
  • Heavy-duty automatic clutch - Low rpm engagement point for excellent control and towing capability
  • Heavy-duty rear suspension system - Revised swingarm with uprated bushes and bearings for increased durability. Pre-load adjustable shock to set-up the ATV ride according to the terrain and the task in hand.
  • Double-wishbone suspension - Independent double-wishbone front suspension with 185mm travel and adjustable pre-load to cover rough terrain with complete control, even when laden.
  • Dual hydraulic front disc brakes - Powerful stopping power in all conditions with large diameter dual front hydraulic disc brakes.